“Wedding rings” Brand

Nicole Jewellery & Watch Store is fascinated to announce about the replenishment of the wedding ring assortment.
What is necessary to know while choosing an engagement ring and why is it customary to give this jewelry? History has left for us a baggage of knowledge about wedding traditions from various nations and ages. There was a time when grooms would give a coin as a bride price, time have passed they started to give a ring instead. Metal, copper, silver or gold engagement rings – you could spot any of them on brides of all times! But it always retains the same meaning: a ring symbolizes the eternal love of a couple, energy of the sun and its light, which will surround the newlyweds through life.
The custom of giving a ring carries the joy and warmth, combining the previous and current ages. Are you looking for an extraordinary engagement ring? NICO JULIANY, ADOLFO COURRIER,  MAGERIT, MILUNA and FURRER JACOT jewelry brands have prepared the best offers for couples, taking to notice latest vogue tendencies. Classic women and men wedding rings and jewelry in the unique execution – all that you can now find in our boutique. Besides, NICO JULIANY jewelry brand has to offer the special collection of rings for a case of engagement – marriage proposal.


We congratulate beautiful ladies on the International Women’s Day!

The beginning of spring – a spectacular awakening of nature and the magnificent parade of beauty. In the alluring and marvelous world, women are its main adornment. The 8th of March – International Women’s Day is a symbol of women’s emancipation. The Day females draw public’s attention to the significant issues such as the pursuit of equal rights in social, work and family life. Nowadays, the 8th of March also has a symbolic meaning. It is the day of adoration of females, as well as the holiday of spring and beauty. Men prepare their gorgeous ladies lavish gifts to congratulate on the International Women’s Day. We are happy to advise you on the question: “What to give a girl on the spring holiday?”. Delicate lady requires a decent ornament, like a diamond requires a decent cut. If you want to give your loved one the entire world – give her a piece of jewelry that will beautifully show your feelings.
The best gifts for the 8th of March – exquisite jewelry.An elegant gold ring, delightful diamond earrings, mesmerizing bracelets of gold, a beautiful pendant or a luxurious necklace. In the Nicole Jewellery & Watch Store you can find the extraordinary gifts that will conquer any woman’s heart. Jewelry collections that we offer are the best works of the goldsmith’s art. Jewelry accentuate the individuality and a unique style, since every girl is striving to be special.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Nicole Jewellery & Watch boutique! May the upcoming year fulfil your dearest desires.
This holiday season, everyone awaiting a miracle, magic, as gifts are given and received. Boutique “Nicole” welcomes you to acquire a gift for yourself or your loved one.

Since 1998 boutique “Nicole” opens for you a world of luxury and wealth. Just step inside of our comfortable boutique and you will feel the atmosphere of nobility and style. It has been18 years that “Nicole” provides jewellery that exudes its owners.
According to famous proverb, the beginning of the year defines the tone of its run. We offer you to set the New 2017 in luxury and spend the rest of it in the same way.
Boutique “Nicole” has a wide range of jewellery, accessories, and world’s best brands of watches. The proper gift for true lovers of Swiss style and quality is a classic and fashionable watch from such brands as Rolex, Panerai, Hublot etc. Earrings with jewels from Giovanni Ferraris or pearls in Schoeffel jewellery will be an exquisite present for New Year’s Eve. Luxurious shine of diamonds on a ring from Adolfo Courrier brings joy for many years and proves its owner’s success. Necklace from JJewels, pendant or bracelet from Anna Maria Cammilli with colourful gemstones will be a classy emphasis for a bright festive apparel.
Presents purchased in the “Nicole” boutique reveal genuine feelings without words and help revive memories of the precious moments.
Nicole Jewellery & Watch Store invites you!  


Rio Tinto showed the 187 carats diamond.

The diamond weighing 187,7 carat, which age makes about two billion years, was shown in London. The stone was presented by the company of mining industry of Rio Tinto.
Diamond had been found in northwest Canada in Diavik state and is considered to be one of largest diamonds found in the country. This jewel receiving the name Diavik Foxfire was in the Kensington palace in London a few days ago. Soon it will go to Antwerp where the auction will take place. To emphasize the cultural communication with natives of the North-West territories, the stone also received the name “Noi-eh Kwe”.
“It took a lot of courage, dexterity and advanced technologies to extract this ancient diamond in severe subarctic conditions” – Jean-Marc Liberkherr, the managing director of Rio Tinto Diamonds reports.
Mr Liberkherr also suspected this stone could be turned into a valuable clear diamond weighing 50 carat.


Burmese ruby – Chrimson Flame

The Crimson Flame ruby from Burma set up a record in price for carat at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Hong Kong. Having exceeded expectations of experts on 3, 3 million, the unique ruby was sold for 18,3 million dollars. Thus this stone became the second in a world rating of the most expensive rubies. Superiority still belongs to a stone of Sunrise weighing 25,59 carats which was sold for 30,3 million dollars.
This year became the time of ruby for Christie’s Hong Kong. Confirmation to that is the Mogok’s Fiery Red set presented by Fai Dee house. These are a necklace from 32 burmese rubies and in a platinum frame with diamonds (7,2 million dollars, within an assessment of experts), and also earrings from rubies and diamonds (3,1 million dollars, within estimated cost).
The ring with pear-shaped facet pink diamond weighing 7,53 carat is a one more confirmation of experts` statement. The jewelry work has been sold for 6,25 million dollars.
Also Cartier sold a jade double necklace with the diamond lock for 7,5 million dollars. This price surpassed preliminary estimates on one and half times.
According to the Christie’s results, there were about 250 lots sold out and this has brought a profit in size of 96,9 million dollars. 160 buyers from 16 countries participated in auction.


Petra Diamonds sold a pink diamond

The 23,16 carats diamond was recently sold on the tender in Antwerp organized by diamond-mining company. The magically pink stone had been found in Tanzania a month earlier. According to experts, its preliminary cost has reached 5 million dollars, however the final price broke all expectations – 10 050 000 dollars for 23 carats of the pink dream.
The Golden Yellow Diamonds on behalf of the MA Anavi Diamond Group became owners of the gem. They are outstanding experts in the field of not standard sized color diamonds.
“This sale is a confirmation of that demand for high-quality color diamonds remains in a high position in the market. Pink diamonds of such size and quality are extremely rare, but the Williamson is a place known for such jewels. It foretells the excellent future to the mines and we continue to increase the mining and to optimize the recast processes” – the director of Petra Diamonds, Johan Dippenaar claims.